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Charlie "Swing" Dilone

Washington Hieghts, NY



Charlie Dilone was introduced to the drum at the age of 8 years old. Hid grandmother Juana Jorge gave him a Guira, and a Tambora [Dominican folk percussion]. At the age of 11, Charlie attended the Mirabal Sisters School I.S 90 in his hometown of Washington Hieghts, NY.

This is where he met Mr WIlliam Minnich, and Mr Al Davis. Both very accomplished and talented musicians but even better teachers. 


Charlie was awarded a seat with the local Borough Wide Orquestra Big Band and would be driven by his Father Joseph Dilone every saturday to cultivate his talent. At the age of 13, Charlie was picked to perform with the New York POPs Orquestra at the prestigous Carnigie Hall NYC.


Charlie was accepted into the famed school Filleroo H. LaGuardia High School in 1994. Where he cultivated his percussion skills. This is where he mastered 50 classes of percussion instruments. Discovering his talents through genres like jazz, opera,classical,latin,arabic,showtune,and compsing. 


Charlie"Swing" Dilone currently resides in New York City, and is a noted bongosero of salsa music. Charles began playing percussion at the age of eight and would go on to perform the New York Pop Orchestra by the time he turned thirteen years old. After honing his skills as a percussionist, Charles began playing more regularly and some of his early performances.

In 2001, Jose Vazquez Confresi approached Charles to join a “Salsa Gorda / Salsa Dura” orchestra. He accepted and became the orchestra’s bongosero/campanero for the 11-piece salsa band now known as “La Exelencia” and has recorded the band’s album called “La Exelencia – Salsa Con Conciencia”.


In 2009 Tycoon Percussion Contracted Mr. Dilone to be an artist for their brand of percussion. 

Charles Dilone plays Tycoon Percussion’s Master Grand & Signature Heritage Series Bongos.


  Charlie "Swing" Dilone   

  Charlie "Swing" Dilone    
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